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BBC Antiques Roadshow Locations for 2019

BBC Antiques Roadshow is Back

Once again the BBC Antiques Roadshow team chaired by Fiona Bruce will be travelling throughout the United Kingdom searching for treasured bits of history. The team will be filming at eight locations this year. The public is welcome to attend at any of the locations and is welcome to bring an item for evaluation. No reservation or tickets are required to attend or to bring in a treasure. However, if you want to capture the attention of the staff you can send an email in advance of the show. This is a good way to help determine if it worth bringing a specific item to the show.

Please note dog policies and parking arrangements for each location will vary and will be determined at a time closer to each event so be sure to confirm details before heading to the venue. Also, note that many of the locations are “exterior only” meaning that filming will be done outside and you will need to be prepared for inclement weather. Again, check before attending. Further, hours of museums, shops, and restaurants may be different than the filming hours. Also, admission fees and pre-booking may be required to enter the buildings and museums and to take tours.

BBC Antiques Roadshow Dates and Locations for 2019 - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

BBC Antiques Roadshow 2019

Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

The first location for the Antiques Roadshow 2019 season is the medieval masterpiece of Salisbury Cathedral at Wiltshire. The Cathedral has been an active Church of England chapel and religious community for more than 750 years. Actually, there has been a Salisbury Cathedral since 1092 and one at the “new” location since 1220. It is still an active church and has daily services. The beautiful building is crowned by an amazing spire. You should book a Tower Tour in advance to climb the 332 steps to the tower base. You will be able to see the tower, the inside of the Cathedral, and outstanding views of Salisbury and surrounds.

The Cathedral is home to one of the world’s most important and precious documents, the 803-year-old 1215 Magna Carta. This is one of only four original Magna Carta still in existence. Just recently returned to display after an attack last fall, this icon of the United Kingdom’s history is housed in the Cathedral’s 13th Century Chapter House. The Antiques Roadshow filming is an exterior event only so be sure to contact the Cathedral via phone or online to schedule a tour of the Tower or other tours before the film date.

Filming date – Tuesday, 14 May 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m


Morden Hall Park

The second location for 2019 will be the National Trusts’ Morden Hall Park. This Wandle River locale has been a milling area since the Domesday Book (1086) era. Several waterwheel driven Snuff Mills had operated there since the 1750s until their closing in 1922. After the tobacco processing mills were closed the workers remained to maintain the large estate. The western mill has become an educational centre and now hosts an exhibit where you can see how the millworkers lived and worked in Victorian times.

One of the true highlights of any summertime visit to Morden Hall Park is the historic 100-year-old rose garden which is being lovingly restored. An unusual between the wars garden established in about 1921 by then owner Gilliat Hatfeild. The garden boasts about 1,600 rose plants and 40 different varieties. Mr. Hatfeild donated the estate in 1941.

Morden Hall Park abounds with multiple outdoor natural delights including wetlands with a wide variety of avian and other wildlife. There is a traditional beekeeping exhibit as the area has been a bee haven for hundreds of years. The Park features the first National Trust Garden Centre where you can purchase plants and tools and get gardening advice too. The Park also offers locally sourced food and drink in their cafes so you can eat local when you need a break there. Purchases at the Garden Centre and Cafes help support the Park’s conservation work.

Filming date – Sunday, 2 June 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 4:30 p.m


Lytham Hall, Lanchasire

The Antiques Roadshow’s third stop in 2019 will be Lytham Hall and Historical Parkland in Lanchasire. Staff at Lytham Hall are thrilled to have the Roadshow filming there. Deputy Manager Paul Lomax noted that they “are over the moon. To have a national institution such as Antiques Roadshow coming to Lytham Hall is a testament to all the hard work staff and volunteers have been putting in over the last couple of years.” According to its website, “Lytham Hall is the finest Georgian home in Lanchasire”. Lytham Hall and the Historical Park contain 80 acres in an area of historical importance dating back to a Benedictine monks’ priory in the 12th Century. The grand home, Lytham Hall, was commissioned in 1752 by Thomas Clifton and completed in 1764. Now owned by the Lytham Town Trust and managed by the Heritage Trust for the North West. The site was home to the Clifton family for 400 years and portions of the earlier 16th Century Jacobean home were including in the Palladian/Georgian Hall. Other portions of the earlier home are still visible. Archaeological excavations are continuing to shed more light on the Clifton family history.

The large grounds are lush with mature woods and pond and are a lovely setting for a party or picnic. The Hall is a beautiful spot for a catered wedding. There is a tea room for lunch and snacks.

Filming date– Tuesday, 11 June 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m


Victoria and Albert Museum Dundee, Scotland

The Antiques Roadshow team will be travelling to an art museum in Scotland for the fourth locale for filming in 2019: the V&A Dundee and nearby Slessor Gardens in Dundee, Scotland. The strikingly modern building design and setting of the first Scottish design museum will serve as a very unique background for the antique treasures. The Slessor Gardens in Dundee’s waterfront park will be another beautiful filming spot.

The museum highlights the beauty of Scottish design and design in general. It is the first design-focused museum in Scotland. It is the only Victoria and Albert Museum outside of London. There are amazing exhibits on a rotating basis and you’ll definitely want to visit during a break from the Roadshow. There are several restaurants on site and in the area as well.

Filming date – Sunday, 23 June 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 4:30 p.m


Compton Verney, Warwickshire

The fifth stop for the Roadshow will be Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park in Warwickshire. Compton Verney is located less than 10 miles from Shakespeare’s home of Stratford-upon-Avon. Home to a Saxon village more than 1,200 years ago, the area is full of historical significance. The manor house is now an art gallery that focuses on undeserved portions of British Art and history, especially British Folk Art. Compton Verney Park features 120 acres of beautiful parkland and lake. The grounds were made “naturalised” by famed natural landscape artist Lancelot Capability Brown in 1779.

The museum gallery also features many family orientated exhibits and workshops. The workshops also highlight natural aspects of the location including dyeing with natural pigments and painting local plants. One can explore the Park through some of the following tours: Parkland Tours, Bird Spotting, Foraging for Wild Food, Tree Walk and Woodcraft, and Mindfulness Walks. There is an onsite cafe as well.

Filming date – Tuesday, 2 July 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m


Battle Abbey and 1066 Battlefield, Battle Near Hastings

The site of the pivotal and historic battlefield where William of Normandy became William the Conqueror in 1066 in the site of filming for the sixth session of Antiques Roadshow 2019. The battlefield is commemorated by the historic Battle Abbey built by William as both a remembrance and penance for the bloodshed of the battle. You can tour the Abbey built in 1071 on the location where the battle took place and where King Harold of England died in the battle. You can also walk the grounds and see recreations of the battle and Abbey in the Visitor Centre.

From later inhabitants, you can tour the surviving Dairy and Icehouse dating from just 200 years ago. For a peaceful oasis, visit the Duchess of Cleaveland’s Victorian Walled Garden. The Garden was her place of refuge from visitors to the Battlefield and was full of fruit trees, flower gardens, and bees. The Walled Garden has been restored and is still a place of refuge for visitors to the Battlefield.

For lunch or tea, visit the Battle Abbey Cafe. Located on site the Cafe features locally sourced food and even ingredients grown in the Walled Garden.

Filming date – Tuesday, 9 July 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m


The National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Carmarthenshire, Wales

The antique experts will be venturing out to Wales for the seventh stop of the Antiques Roadshow 2019 Season. In stark contrast to the history of the 1066 Battlefield, the National Botanic Gardens were established in 2000, yes, the 21st Century for a refreshing change of pace. The Gardens were the first national garden to usher in the new millennium and are a crown jewel of Wales. A major part of the Gardens is the “world’s largest single-spanned glasshouse that has the best display of Mediterranean climate zone plants in the Northern Hemisphere.” The glasshouse is protecting some of the most endangered species in the world including plants from Australia, Chile, California, Canary Islands, Mediterranean, and South Africa. The Gardens have been extremely popular and have already hosted over 2.5 million visitors. Their grounds cover more than 550 acres filled with plants and flowers with at least 8,000 different varieties. The property features various themed garden sections including an Apothecary Garden full of healing herbs, a Bee Garden with more than a quarter of a million bees, a Double Walled Garden from the Regency roots of the estate, the exotic Japanese Garden, and the Wild Garden. In addition to the gardens, there is much more to explore including the British Bird of Prey Centre, Butterfly House, and a national nature reserve. The Bird of Prey Centre features daily flying shows starring eagles and daily owl shows too. You can even experience the raptors up close in special private flying sessions. To really travel back in time visit the Rock of Ages display showing 300 million years of Welsh geology.

There is also an art gallery with rotating exhibits and several places to sample local Welsh food. The Stable Block houses the Seasons Restaurant, gift shop, and gallery. Stop by the Y Pot Blodyn Garden Centre for local and unusual plants and locally sourced Welsh organic culinary treasures.

Filming date – Friday, 19 July 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m


Castle Ward, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Castle Ward is literally home to a most unusual split personality manor house. It may be the most uniquely constructed home in the National Trust. Built in 1760 by a married couple, Bernard Ward, First Viscount Bangor and his wife Ann Ward. They could not agree on a style and so they divided the house in half and each side was constructed and decorated in two very different styles. Bernard’s side was done in classical Palladian style and Ann’s side is in the more elaborate Gothic aesthetic. Depending on which side you approach the home from, you will see two different facades. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the marriage did not work out and the couple separated soon after the home was completed. Be sure to schedule a guided tour of Castle Ward to see the wildly decorated interior, especially in the Gothic half of the home. Watch out for the Russian Bear and the five cases full of stuffed squirrels. Be sure to take a peaceful walk through the lovely flowers in the restored Victorian Sunken Gardens.

Surrounding Castle Ward is the beautiful Strangford Lough, an amazing international treasure of marine and avian wildlife. There are a variety of options to explore the Lough from the Strangford Lough Canoe Trail where you can see seals and porpoises to the Nugent’s Wood Walk where you can see other wildlife and wildflowers. The National Trust offers a number of options for immersive experiences in the Lough.

Game of Thrones Fan Alert! GoT fans will be thrilled for the chance to see the farmland where the blockbuster series premiere was filmed. The first season of the series was filmed there as well. You will want to take a tour to visit the set. Stop by the Slaughterhouse Shop for some GoT retail therapy and bring home a part of Winter. The Shop is stocked with tankards and tees and even stuffed direwolves. You can even purchase jewellery and other items made by artisans who created props for the show. You’ll also want to visit the Stableyard Gift Shop for gardening and home items. Pick-up a book to read on the shore at their great second-hand bookstore. And don’t forget the Stableyard Tea-room or the Trailhead Cafe for the sustenance needed for a day of exploring.

Filming date – Thursday, 25 July 2019, starts at 9:30 a.m. and last entry is 5:00 p.m