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29th - 30th Sep 2017

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

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Availability for the Autumn Festival 29th & 30th September

The FRONT and BACK hardstanding areas are now fully booked The Main Arena is now fully booked The Allocated grass pitches are extremely limited

Beginners Guide to Antique Collecting: Buying and Selling

To define an antique, one needs to consider the value of the item. Values can be objective and subjective as they relate to certain items, so it is important to distinguish the difference between the two. Objective value relates closely to market evaluations while subjective values are more closely...

Antique Fairs and Flea Markets to Visit in France

France hosts some of the most storied and well-stocked antique fairs and flea markets in Europe. Visitors frequently uncover precious finds that add that extra touch to their home, collection, or heart. Others simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether that quest is for a specific item, or a gener...

5 of the Best UK Antique Fairs

“There are Antique Fairs almost every day country wide.” But which antique fairs held throughout the UK will you choose given so many choices? Happily, we’ve ferreted out the best of the best, so you don’t have to wander from one fair to another seeking antique Valhalla. Bring a van. Bring a...

Six Unique Antique Finds of 2016

In the world of antiques, we often hear tales of those rare finds that seem too good to be true. Sometimes it is the rarity of the item that piques our curiosity. Sometimes it is the item’s provenance, and other times it is the unusual circumstances under which the item was found. Each year th...

Antique or Vintage, What’s the Difference?

It is not uncommon in the English language for words and terms to be used synonymously or ambiguously; however, when the terms have the capacity to impact value on property, it is important to create a certain level of lucidity to clear up the nebulosity surrounding the terms in question. Two words ...

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