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29th - 30th Sep 2017

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

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Antique Shops in the Midlands

In the age of IKEA and cheap, disposable furniture, there is something alluring about holding something created by a craftsman who has honed their skill over a lifetime, to feel that sense of history and craftsmanship. We created this guide to antique shops across the Midlands to help you find that ...

Antique Firearms and Collectors

Since the advent of the firearm and the start of the arms race in the 16th century, weapons around the world have quickly evolved, giving avid firearms collectors a myriad of beautiful, unique pieces to add to their collections. The Earliest Firearm Collectors While not much is known about the earli...

Navigating the Antiques Markets in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is becoming recognised as an excellent tourist destination, the culture and the environment are both welcome and friendly to visitors. There are many things to see and experience, and their antique markets are becoming destinations for European antique collectors and dealers to visit. There ar...

2018 Peterborough Festival of Antique dates

The confirmed dates for the 2018 Peterborough Festival of Antiques are: Easter 2018: Friday March 30th and Saturday 31st March. Autumn 2018: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September

The UK’s Best Antiques Shops & Online Antique Shopping Sites

Whether you have an avid fascination for older things or you are an antique collector or simply want to decorate your home in a certain way, finding antique shops in your area or online can be a rewarding experience. From antique china to a beautiful aged desk, there are several items that catch a c...

5 Categories of Kids Toys to Watch out for at Antiques Fairs

As your authority on all things old, musty and valuable in the UK, we loved reading the tripsavvy article called “Yard sales on Steroids” because the idea of finding needles in haystacks is right up our alley. If you happen to be an avid antique fair visitor, you may already have decided to focu...

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