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14th - 15th Apr 2017

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

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If you are coming to visit the Festival of Antiques over Good Friday 14th April or Easter Saturday 15th April here is a map to help you plan your day There are over 2000 stalls to see – there are 4 large areas indoors as well as the extensive areas outside

Antiques Fair Guide to Buying Period Furniture

Hunting for antique furniture at antique fairs can be quite thrilling, and antiquers get caught up in the excitement of seeing such a large variety of distinctive period furniture. However, antique buyers who want to take home authentic, reasonably priced furnishings that match their personal tastes...

How Amateur Antique Collectors are Cashing In

Collecting antiques has become a widely-embraced hobby across the board. Vintage is in, and everyone, from small time collectors to celebrities are getting into the spirit of antique hunting.   Even Pinterest is getting in on it, with a whole page devoted to retro items from nearly every decade...

Bargain Hunt transmission dates

BARGAIN HUNT DAYTIME SERIES 46 – TRANSMISSION DATES ‘Peterborough 14’   I am happy to be able to tell you that one of the programmes filmed at your fair is ready for transmission and will be shown:   BBC1 at 12:15pm on Friday 24th March 2017

Midlands Antique Fairs 2017

The Midlands is a region with distinct character, a rich culture that dates back to medieval times, and a history that played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution in the early 18th-century. The East Midlands and West Midlands are a lovely region to explore and search for antiques. The are...

Top 7 Tips for Antique Fair Hunters

Hunting for antiques is an interesting pastime, whether you’re a serious antiques connoisseur or simply looking for a morning’s entertainment. If you’re considering an upcoming jaunt to an antiques fair, these 7 tips will help you make the most of the time you spent browsing and bu...

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