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30th - 31st Mar 2018

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

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Midlands Antique Fairs 2018

The Midlands is incredibly rich in both history and antiques. In medieval times, this region was the powerful, independent kingdom of Mercia. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Midlands became a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution. Today, the Midlands is not only a wonderful place to live a...

30% off Virgin Rail when attending the Festival of Antiques

The East of England Arena will be working in partnership with Virgin Trains during 2018. The partnership will allow visitors, exhibitors and organisers to take advantage of a 30% discount off of their rail travel when attending an event at the East of England Arena. In order to use the discount, the...

What to Buy Antique Lovers for Christmas

When people think of Christmas they think of giving and festivity. For antique lovers this is a time of finding and receiving new but old antiques to add to their collection. A few years ago this might have seemed like a difficult gift to get, however these days if it isn’t antique it isn’t tren...

Your Beer Label Collection could be Worth a Fortune

Do you have some old beer labels tucked away in your loft or garage?. Besides their high sentimental value, old beer labels could be worth a small fortune. It might be time to dig around for that old collection and have it appraised.     What determines the price of old beer labels? Beer ...

What to Buy a Vintage Lover for Christmas

The definition of vintage is the time that something of quality was produced. Many people enjoy collecting or receiving vintage things as a memorabilia. Not only this but vintage seems to be the hottest kid on the block. Finding the perfect present for someone at Christmas can be a little tricky, s...

Easter 2018 – Booking

All the booking forms we have received for 2018 have now been processed. The REAR Hardstanding is now FULL for Easter 2018

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