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27th Sep - 28th Sep 2019

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

Mistakes to Avoid for a First Time Collector

Common mistakes that new collectors can make and how to avoid them.

You’ve decided to start collecting and need some help navigating the antiques and collectors market. Here are a few common mistakes that new buyers can make and how to avoid them.

Common mistakes made in antique collecting and how to avoid them - Peterborough Antiques Fair

Not Knowing What You’re Shopping For

A little research can save you time and money. Narrow down what you’ll be shopping for, and spend some time online searching for what is truly collectable and what the price point is for those items.

We have all made those spur of the moment purchases, which is fine, but for a collection you need to be focused.

Buying Replicas

Most people know that handbags and watches are often faked, but other items can be just as deceiving on their origins. Look closely at an item’s hardware and construction for signs of the era. Also look for markings of authenticity, but be aware that sometimes these can wear away over time.

Research your market, research the authenticity.

Disrespecting the Seller

Negotiating on price is fine, but a disrespectful offer is not. Do not lowball. And don’t ask the seller to hold an item unless you are sure you’re going to buy it in a timely manner.

Bargaining is fine, know the limits.

Taking on Too Big of a Project

If an item needs restoring and crucially the restoration will increase the value, then you need to know how much you are willing to put into restoring it; otherwise, you risk buying a money pit.

These are just a few tips to get you started.