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27th Sep - 28th Sep 2019

Peterborough - Festival of Antiques

An Interview with Beverley Adams, Antique Fair Collector

Beverley and Beth share their Antique Fair experinces

With over 50yrs of Antique collecting and trading, Beverley Adams shares her antique fair experiences with Festival of Antiques.

Antique Fair


Q: How did your interest in Antiques first develop?

From my eccentric parents, Mums possession were pride of place in the china cabinet – Dads things were lodged in the garage being car / motorbike memorabilia.


Q: What is your current genre or speciality?

Art noveau & Art deco – I’ve bought, sold and collected from 1958 – it’s my passion.


Q: Has this evolved due to interest or market forces?

Market Forces mainly– buy and sell porcelain and pottery – silver plate – wood – glass .. Anything we can see that will bring in a profit


Q: How many years have you been standing at Antiques Fairs?

I’ve been doing the fair circuit since 1967 – Bermondsey, Portobello Road, Covent Garden, Camden passage during the week and fairs at the weekends.


Q: Are your antiques a year round career or is it a keen second job?

I brought my kids up on having an Antique Business


Q: What is the closest you have had to an “Antiques Road show” moment?

Oh boy !

In 1976 having dealt mainly with China and pottery I knew very little about metal. However one morning at Camden Market I wanted to buy a pair of Bisque figures from under a stall, the stall holder refused to sell me them unless I also purchased 3 boxes of ‘ tat’ with them. After much talking , I gave in and paid £30.00 for the very black metal items . When we got home I gave Beth 10 shillings to clean the lot with brass cleaner. Much to her dismay after several hours, she lost the colour in a large ornate tray. When I came to see what she was on about I said I thought it was silver plate.

On the Monday morning I sold the bisque figures to a dealer and recouped my money. I finished fairly early so drove over to Christies with the tray for a valuation for sale. Much to my surprise it turned out to be solid silver and signed so it went into a special sale.

On the day of the sale Beth , aged 11 , had a day off school. Let it be said that everyone in the room knew it belonged to us, as we squealed with every bid – it fetched £ 2000.00 !!


Q: Any tips for the new Antique Fair visitor?

Buy what you like to live with, from someone who will give you all their details. – do your homework when purchasing something of high value. Get a receipt for items. Condition, age and authenticity.

Regarding the Festival Of Antiques everyone we talk to – stall holders, collectors and general public appreciate the fact that this fair has kept to twice a year.

Equally , all of them find your staff and security go beyond the call of duty. As for myself and family (Beth and Ian) we find the personal touch quite warm even when the weather is cold.

Keep up the good work .